1h/weekduring 4 weeks

Starting date: January the 2018

Portuguese (European Portuguese)
materials will be transcribed in to:
English and Spanish

The MOOC aims to offer:

  1. A comprehensive perspective about frailty, falls and functional decline with aging.
  2. To provide strategies/solutions to promote active aging and to maintain independent living.

Target Participants

Older adults living in community and their families

No specific qualifications are required to attend the course

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The Post-Graduation in Mobility and Active Aging aims to train professionals to design, develop and implement support, or health and functional independence promotion solutions for persons with reduced mobility or at risk of Mobility reduction, when carrying out their daily activities

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The 3Fights @ Edu MOOC is a 1-week program which content activities and interactions are related with the prevention of frailty, falls and functional loss and the promotion of active aging and independent living.

This course is addressed to elderly people and/or their relatives. In general, the content of the course will cover the aging process, life style, behavioural change, frailty, falls, fear of falling, age-related sarcopenia, dismobility, functional decline, signals and symptoms, risk factors, assistance and solutions/strategies in the market and community.

The course requires a commitment of at least 6 hours in specific week (2h/day x 3 days), and consist in watching to video contents (expository videos and/or tutorials, case-studies and interviews), in answering to quizzes and assessments delivered in smaller chunks to help with formative learning, participation in interactive polls and discussion of reflective questions.


Filomena Carnide

Filomena Carnide

Associate Professor
Faculdade de Motricidade Humana

Fatima Baptista

Fátima Baptista

Associate Professor
Faculdade de Motricidade Humana


  • Filomena Carnide & Fátima Baptista

    Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, University of Lisbon, Portugal

  • Ana Moura dos Santos

    Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal

  • Francisco del Pozo

    Universidade Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

  • Francisca Leite

    Luz Saúde, Portugal

  • Júlia Cardoso

    Câmara Municipal de Oeiras, Portugal

The 3Fights@Edu includes partners that represent the primary end-users but institutions with solutions in the area of frailty, falls and functional loss (secondary end-users) will also be invited


The goal of the 3Fights@Edu MOOC course is to improve health literacy about frailty, falls and functional loss in elderly people and to provide relevant educational and informational channels to the main actors of this process: older adults and their relatives


The MOOC intents to provide different tools for self-management of the functional conditions of the elderly people and to sensitize for early identification of those at risk for independent living, as result of functional decline associated with aging.

The 3Fights@Edu MOOC course includes partners that represent the primary end-users but also institutions with solutions in the area of frailty, falls and functional loss (secondary end-users). In this context, the MOOC platform and webpage will accommodate a network end-users.

The MOOC's 3Fights@Edu will run on an Open edX Platform of instituto Superior Técnico - University of Lisbon (MOOC Técnico).


The 3Fights@Edu has duration of 1 hour/week (during 4 weeks).

Participants will have opportunity to attend the same course ate November 2017, January and March 2018.

The 3Fights@Edu will include lectures in the following topics::

  • The aging process and functional decline;
  • The frailty, sarcopenia and dismobility; the main risk factors and consequences of these syndromes and their interaction;
  • The phenomenon of falls; the strategies to adopt in case of a fall occurrence and the assistance after a fall; the syndrome of fear of falling
  • The change of risk factors; the identification of networks of support to assist people at risk of frailty falls and functional decline
  • The existing prevention/treatment solutions/strategies that can assist elderly people in screening physical functioning, training physical fitness and counselling physical activity and sedentary behaviours.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of the aging process-related with functional decline.
  • Knowledge of the main geriatric syndromes that may compromise the functional independence.
  • Knowledge about relationship of functional decline with increased medical care, hospitalization and institutionalization
  • Identification of risk factors for frailty, falls and functional decline
  • Knowledge of the independent effects of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in the muscular, skeletal and neuro-motor systems
  • Knowledge of the current guidelines for physical activity and sedentary behaviour of older adults and strategies of behavioural changes.
  • Knowledge of solutions that can assist the elderly in prevention / rehabilitation of frailty, falls and functional