High Performance Surf Coaching

The Course

This course was designed to provide advanced professional competencies of surf coaching. The curriculum was structured for coaches, sport science graduates and sports health professionals enhancing their learning through an evidenced-based approach and best practices-based in surf coaching/pedagogical standards.

We already had three editions of Post-graduation in Surf (2009, 2011 e 2013) with 37 students and three of them are foreign (Australia, Brazil and Spain). With students’ feedbacks and worldwide surf coaching evolution we have done an upgrade of this course with some improvements concerning surf industry and surfing medicine. Portuguese Surfing Federation and Surfing Medicine International support this course, which gives the opportunity to count on with some experts in this sport.

Course Aim

Advanced professional competencies for surf coaching

Essential surf training and season planning knowledge

Advanced surf science knowledge

Integral surf technique and competition preparation knowledge


Assessement Process

  • The selection of candidates will be performed by an admission board based on submitted documentation. If the ranked candidates are more than 30 the admission board will schedule an online interview. Results should be presented online in end of July

Documents Needed

The documents needed to apply for the Post-Grad programme, must be in English and all official documents must have an official translation and they are:

  • Copy of your ID card or equivalent (Passport, …)
  • Copy of your Value Added Tax (VAT) number or equivalent document
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Prior Education Certificates (Sports Sciences degree, coaching license, etc.)
  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letter(s), if any
  • Personal signed letter attesting his proficiency in English (reading, listening and speaking)
  • Skype contact and mobile number (Interview and interview management)

Eligibility Criteria & Entry Requirements:

Candidates must own a degree in sports sciences or equivalent or, alternatively, must own relevant professional experience on surf coaching or related areas. Priority will be given to candidates joining all the following features:

    Honours degree in sports sciences or equivalent
    Relevant professional experience on surf coaching
    Good level of reading, listening and English speaking.


Course fee Registration February 2019 May 2019
2.900€ 1.450€ 725€ 725€

School Calendar

Opening Ceremony and Module 1

12 to 18 October 2018

Module 2

9 to 14 November 2018

Module 3 & 4

7 a 15 December 2018

Module 5

8 to 13 February 2019

Module 6

8 to 16 March 2019

Module 7

24 to 31May 2019

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