High Performance Surf Coaching

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Our international speakers and experts are offering a unique mix of high academic education and relevant professional experience, providing invaluable insight in training methodology, surf industry and surfing medicine to the attendees.


David Raimundo, POR
  • Head coach of Academia Profissional de Surf

  • Graduation in Sport Sciences (Physical Education) 1999 in Faculdade de Motricidade Humana.

  • Post-graduation Surf Coaching (2009) in Faculdade de Motricidade Humana.

  • Head coach of Portuguese Surf national team (3x vice world champion and Junior European Champion) and coach of Academia Profissional de Surf (very good results in national championships and WSL championships).

  • PG HPSC lecture: National team and World Championships preparation; National team pathway

Miguel Moreira, POR
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Sport and Health, FMH-ULisboa.

  • Head professor of Surf Coaching specialization.

  • Technical Consulting for Portuguese Surfing Federation (Coaching courses/High Performance).

  • Former coach in gymnastics (trampoline) and former head coach of Portuguese diving national team.

  • Head professor of Post-Graduation Curricular Units Surf Periodization and Internship

  • PG HPSC lecture: Surf-specific training methodology; Standardization of training and surfers care; Evidence-based surf-specific periodization; Problem-based learning on surf-specific training methods; Talent identification and recruitment using qualitative methods

Lecturers from A a Z

Álvaro Costa, POR

Álvaro Costa, POR

    • CEO Polen Surfboards Manufacturing Co.

    • PG HPSC lecture: Surfboards: from production to handling

António Rosado, POR

António Rosado, POR

    • Full Professor, Department of Sport and Health, FMH-ULisboa

    • Teaching Sport Pedagogy and Sport Psychology at FMH-UL

    • Research interests: development of models and methods in the field of sport pedagogy and sport psychology

    • Head professor of Post-Graduation Curricular Unit Sport Foundations

    • PG HPSC lecture: Psychological aspects of surf

César Peixoto, POR

César Peixoto, POR

    • Associate Professor, Department of Sport and Health, FMH-ULisboa

    • Teaching Theory and Methodology of Sport Science, Technique analysis in sports activities, Gymnastics Training methodology, School education and Training in sport at FMH-UL

    • Gymnastics expert; Member of the Scientific Council of the Portuguese Gymnastics Federation – Gymnastics School -Engym

    • Research interests: Technique analysis in sports activities; Technical training; Representative design in sport; Performance analysis

    • Head professor of Post-Graduation Curricular Unit Sport Performance

    • PG HPSC lecture: Performance analysis

Francisco Alves, POR

Francisco Alves, POR

    • Full Professor, Department of Sport and Health, FMH-ULisboa.

    • Chair of the FMH Scientific Board.

    • Portuguese Swimming Federation (FPN) Merit Coach

    • Teaching Theory and Methodology of Sport Science at FMH-UL

    • Research interests: Physiology, swimming, season planning.

    • PG HPSC lecture: Physiological foundations of surf performance

Francisco Spínola, POR

Francisco Spínola, POR

    • General Manager Ocean Events Portugal (WSL events organization in Portugal)

    • Former Marketing Manager Rip Curl Europe

    • MBA Central Queensland University, New South Wales Sidney, Aus.

    • PG HPSC lecture: WSL events and Portuguese events

Ingvar Berg, NED

Ingvar Berg, NED

    • Medical Doctor

    • Resident Emergency Medicine, HMC Hospital, The Hague

    • Founder and President Surfing Medicine International (SMI)

    • Founder and instructor of Advanced Surf Life Support Course (SMI)

    • Research interests: Drowning, Surfers as Bystander Rescuers, Point-of-Care-Ultrasound

    • PG HPSC lecture: Drowning, pre-hospital care

João Lopes, POR

João Lopes, POR

    • Occupational therapist

    • MSc Physical Education and Sport; Post-graduation Health and Development

    • Former Chair of occupational therapy department of Hospital Pediátrico Coimbra (child and adolescent psychiatry)

    • Former Invited Assistant Professor IPL, CESPU, ISAVE

    • Former Technical adviser and manager of educational department in Portuguese Association of Adaptive Surf – Surf addict; 

    • Lecturer Portuguese Surfing Federation Coaching Courses – Adaptive Surfing

    • PG HPSC lecture: Adaptive Surfing

José P. Almeida, POR

José P. Almeida, POR

    • CEO and coordinator of ZPPT Performance Centre

    • Conditioning coach of Golf Nacional Teams 

    • Exercise Physiologist

    • Former Invited Lecturer at Department of Sport and Health, FMH-ULisboa.

    • PG HPSC lecture: After surf recovery

Loes Terra-Hanck, NED

Loes Terra-Hanck, NED

    • Medicine at University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    • Master in Addiction Medicine at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

    • Position

    • Addiction medicine specialist at Jellinek, Amsterdam

    • Addiction medicine specialist trainer at Arkin, Amsterdam

    • Trainer for general practitioners and internship trainer for general practitioner trainees for VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam

    • Topic of specialty/interest: Opioid painkiller addiction 

    • PG HPSC lecture: Doping and addiction in surfing

Márcio Borgonovo-Santos, BRA

Márcio Borgonovo-Santos, BRA

    • CTO - Bio Boards / Researcher Biomechanics

    • PhD candidate FADEUP, LABIOMEP technical staff

    • Practice in Surf Performance

    • Head professor of Post-Graduation Curricular Unit

    • PG HPSC lecture: Advanced methods in training load evaluation

Mário Almeida, POR

Mário Almeida, POR

    • Sports Marketing Manager at The Summit Sports Agency

    • Responsible for sponsorship raising in sports marketing campaigns & partnerships activation programs for brands such as Red Bull, Quiksilver, EDP, Moche, Deeply, Smith, Honda, Yamaha, Meo, Nike, Adidas, Jeep, Go Pro, Fox, The North Face and many others.

    • Working in a wide variety of sectors of the sport industry including athlete management (raising and activating sponsors for more than 30 athletes), sponsorship consultancy, events, advertising, social media, PR and motorsports.

    • PG HPSC lecture: Career management

Mischa Gottinger, GER

Mischa Gottinger, GER

    • Medical Doctor. Specialised in emergency medicine. 

    • Professional focus on sports, outdoor and travel medicine. 

    • Medical support of sports events and kite/surf travels

    • Developer, coordinator and instructor of Surf Life Support Courses (

    • Developer of the Surf First Aid smartphone app (

    • Board member of Surfing Medicine International (SMI) (

    • PG HPSC lecture: Travelling preparation and management

Nuno Lança, POR

Nuno Lança, POR

    • Medical Doctor. Orthopaedics. Post-graduation Sports Medicine

    • Specialised in Spine surgery, spine injuries, sciatic pain, herniated disc, low back pain.

    • Orthopaedic doctor Clínica CUF Alvalade 

    • Orthopaedic Surgeon - Spine Team Hospital de Santa Maria

    • Fellowship Exam of the European Board of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (FEBOT)

    • PG HPSC lecture: Surfing Orthopaedics

Ognjen Markovic, AUT

Ognjen Markovic, AUT

    • Consultant Specialist

    • Ophthalmology, Optometry, Ocular surgery

    • Occupational and Preventive Medicine

    • CSO Surfing Medicine International

    • Member OEOG, IFMTU Vienna

    • Teaching Professor Med. Uni Bratislava, Tech. Uni. Vienna

    • Head professor of Post-Graduation Curricular Unit Surfing Medicine

    • PG HPSC lecture: Standardization of training and surfers care; Visual kinetics, eye care, surfing and occupational health

Oliver Farley, NZL

Oliver Farley, NZL

    • Research Fellow at Auckland University of Technology

    • PhD Sport and Exercise

    • Strength and Conditioning Coach (Aktive Pathway to Podium) Auckland, New Zealand

    • Former Lead Exercise Physiologist (Surfing Australia High Performance Centre)

    • PG HPSC lecture: Monitoring training load using GPS technology; Interpreting physical performance in elite surf

Onno ten Berge, NED

Onno ten Berge, NED

    • Medical Doctor, PhD

    • Consultant dermatologist Gelre hospitals, the Netherlands

    • PG HPSC lecture: UV related Skin Diseases

Paulo Cipriano, POR

Paulo Cipriano, POR

    • Sport MultiSkills and Physical Performance/Rehab Coach (Rugby, Soccer Referee & Surf)

    • Former Invited Lecturer at Department of Sport and Health, FMH-ULisboa.

    • PG HPSC lecture: Conditioning training in surfing

Paulo Martins, POR

Paulo Martins, POR

    • Assistant Professor, Department of Sport and Health, FMH-ULisboa

    • Teaching Sport Pedagogy and Combat Sports (Wrestling) at FMH-UL

    • Research interests: Personal and Social Responsibility Among Athletes: The Role of Self-Determination, Achievement Goals and Engagement

    • PG HPSC lecture: Sports Pedagogy

Peter Conroy, IRL

Peter Conroy, IRL

    • Firefighter, Paramedic 

    • Beach lifeguard, Beach lifeguard instructor, Swiftwater rescue Jetski/boat rescue operator and crewman, Swiftware water rescue instructor 

    • XXL nomination in 2013 and every year since, XXL TOP 5 placing in 2013 

    • Chairman of the Irish tow surf rescue club since 2014. Co-founder of club in 2008 

    • Board member of SMA 

    • Lifeguard instructor for surfing medicine international in Portugal for ASLS COURSE Portugal 

    • Patagonia and quicksilver inflatable vest tester.

    • Speaker at the 2015 surfing medicine world conference in Sligo Ireland 

    • Big Wave risk assessment group speaker 2016 Hawaii. And course completion HUET trained

    • PG HPSC lecture: Extreme surf practice and rescue

Raúl Oliveira, POR

Raúl Oliveira, POR

    • Assistant Professor, Department of Sport and Health, FMH-ULisboa 

    • Physiotherapist

    • Clinical support to high performance athletes in different sports

    • Teaching Anatomy and Kinesiology at FMH-UL

    • Research interests: physiotherapy, injury prevention.

    • PG HPSC lecture: Injury prevention and rehabilitation

Ricardo Bravo, POR

Ricardo Bravo, POR

    • Professional Photographer (RBMEDIA)

    • Surf photography, Architecture and interior photography, Drone operator for video and photography, Studio photography, Event photography

    • Senior Photographer SURF Portugal Mag

    • PG HPSC lecture: Photo and video production for networking and web profiles management

Ronaldo Gabriel, POR

Ronaldo Gabriel, POR

    • Associate Professor, Department of Sport Sciences Exercise and health, UTAD 

    • Member of the UNESCO Chair on Geoparks, Regional Sustainable Development and Healthy Lifestyles.

    • Teaching, advice graduate and postdoc students and conduct research in biomechanics and health at UTAD

    • Research interests: Safe and smart Atlantic waves (S&SAW), Linking Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Health, namely: Measuring Exposure to Nature, Measuring Outcomes, Understanding Mechanisms, Demonstrating Causality at a Population Level, and the Effect Size 

    • Head professor of Post-Graduation Curricular Unit Long Term Surfers Development

    • PG HPSC lecture: Surfing and healthy lifestyles

Rui Biscaia, POR

Rui Biscaia, POR

    • Senior Lecturer of Sport Marketing in the School of Marketing and Management, Coventry University

    • Former Invited Assistant Professor FMH-ULisboa

    • Former Assistant Professor Universidade Europeia - Laureate International Universities

    • Member of the advisory board International Journal for Sport, Business, and Management

    • Research interests: sports management, namely consumer behaviour, brand management, and sponsorship in this field.

    • PG HPSC lecture: Sports management