High Performance Surf Coaching

Post-graduation Curricular Units

Module 1 - Sport Foundations

[9 ECTS]

Paulo Martins, Francisco Alves, António Rosado, Rui Biscaia

Students will learn about fundamental grounding on core sport sciences supporting surf performance.

  • Sports pedagogy (10h)
  • Physiological foundations of surf perfomance (10h)
  • Psychological aspects of surf (10h)
  • Sports management (10h)

Module 2 - Sport Performance

[9 ECTS]

Miguel Moreira, César Peixoto, Raul Oliveira e João Lopes

Students will learn how to design specific season planning for high-level surfers adapted to their own characteristics and implment strategies to develop and support high perfomance.

  • Surf-specific training methodology (10h)
  • Perfomance analysis (8h)
  • Nutrition, supplements and hydration for surfing (8h)
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation (8h)
  • Adaptive surfing (6h)

Module 3 - Practice in Surf Perfomance

[9 ECTS]

Márcio Borgonovo-Santos, Oliver Farley, Didier Piter, Paulo Cipriano, Miguel Moreira e Ognjen Markovic

Students will experience practical sessions in key area of surf coaching, enhancing their learning through an experience-based approach and problem-based learning methodologies.

  • Advanced methods in training load evaluation (8h)
  • Monitoring training load using GPS technology (8h)
  • Surf-specific training practice (8h)
  • Advanced heat analysis practice (4h)
  • Conditioning training in surfing (8h)
  • Standardization of training and surfers care (4h)

Module 4 - Surf Industry

[3 ECTS]

Inês Becken, Álvaro Costa, Gonçalo Lopes, Ricardo Bravo, Francisco Spínola

Students will attend several seminars by important players of surf industry. The key featur is the relation between them and surfers improvement.

  • Surfers sponsoring (4h)
  • Surfboards: from production to handling (4h)
  • Communication & interaction with media (4h)
  • Photo and video production for networking and web profiles management (4h)
  • WSL events and Portuguease events (4h)

Module 5 - Surf Periodization

[9 ECTS]

Miguel Moreira, Oliver Farley, José P. Almeida, David Raimundo, Didier Piter

Based on state-of-the art of key themes influencing surfer permance, students will know about surf-specific periodization and will learn coaching skills through practical problem-solving exercises.

  • Evidence-based surf-specific periodization (6h)
  • Interpreting physical perfomance in elite surf (6h)
  • After surf recovery (4h)
  • Problem-based learning on surf-specific training methods (8h)
  • National team and World Championships preparation (8h)
  • World tour characterization and planning (8h)

Module 6 - Long Term Surfers Development

[6 ECTS]

Miguel Moreira, Didier Piter, David Raimundo, Mário Almeida, Ronaldo Gabriel

Students will learn about relevant needs for a Long Term Surfers Development. The key role played by coaches in this process will be explored.

  • Talent identification and recruitment using qualititive methods (4h)
  • Developing elite youth surfers (10h)
  • National team pathway (4h)
  • From youth surfer into elite (4h)
  • Career management (4h)
  • Surfing and healthy lifestyles (4h)

Module 7 - Surfing Medicine

[6 ECTS]

Ingvar Berg, Ognjen Markovic, Loes Terra-Hanck, Mischa Göttinger, Onno ten Berge, Nuno Lança, Peter Conroy

Students will attend several seminars on topics related with health good practices in an evidenced based approach, supported by Surfing Medicine International.

  • Drowning, pre hospital care (4h)
  • Visual kinetics, eye care, surfing and occupational health (4h)
  • Doping and addiction in surfing (4h)
  • Travelling preparation and management (4h)
  • UV related skin diseases (4h)
  • Surfing orthopaedics (4h)
  • Extreme surf practice and rescue (6h)

Module 8 - Internship

[9 ECTS]

Students will be required to undergo a 50 hour internship (minimum 2 weeks) in a surf-coaching environment, applying the course-acquired skills and providing a final report with evidence of their individual perspective